Unlocking your most important customer segment.

We offer real-time data insights to your desktop from 1,000s of neighborhood family shops.

Biggest sales channel.

mom&pop is directly connected to over 4,000 outlets


Shops are still paper based. Outlet level data on sales, inventory and shoppers does not exist.

No insights.

Without insights Brands are forced to guess to guess on key decisions and are blind on ROI and performance.

The mom&pop solution.

Digitizing mom-and-pop shops creates data and connections that benefit everyone.

Some of our Subscribers.

Leading Brands using mom&pop real-time retail insights to grow sales and market share.

Digital Neighborhood Shops

Connecting retailers and suppliers.

Insights your Team needs.

The mom&pop platform puts outlet data at your fingertips, allowing Marketing and Sales to focus on decisions and actions.

Critical outlet level data.

Shop level data on product availability, inventory levels, pricing, competitor positions, and promotion status.

Shop owner inputs.

We can deploy retailer surveys in minutes and get you results for our entire network is one-week.

Photos and image capture.

Get reassurance that campaigns are in place and deployed as contracted.

From shop to desktop - in real time.

Data arriving 8-weeks late is not fast moving. mom&pop refreshes data insights every day...

Your Metrics.

The mom&pop platform streams data via the web. So you can give any team member access to the metrics that drive their decisions. Oh, and no licenses required.


Is your Team busy analyzing spreadsheets, or driving sales? You tell us what metrics you want - we collect AND process the data for you on the platform.

Fully customized.

Regional Team want the charts in purple? Need new metric? Sales and Marketing teams need separate dashboards? No problem. You can have it the way you want it.

Single data-driven view of the market.

Wouldn't it be great if sales and marketing teams worked together?

Single view of the truth.

All functions and teams can see the metrics driving brand performance in a single shared dashboard.

Fully interactive.

Performance visuals are fully interactive and allow for a wide range of questions to be addressed.


Knowing in real-time what is working and what is not working is the key to driving accountability and making quick changes.

Direct shop linkage.

Say goodbye to blind panels and market research outcomes you cannot validate. Our focus is connecting Shops and Suppliers - not hiding sample sets. 'See' your market for the first time.

GPS and locations
Stock levels
Competitor insights


Which shops?

The mom&pop shop network has the largest and most strategic locations in the market. Our network is a mix of on-premise and off-premise.

What is real-time data?

Today we can refresh data every 3-hours. So you can see Day 1 results from your new campaign first thing in the morning.

Can I afford this?

We add tremendous value with hard to find data in real-time on desktop. In addition, we cost a fraction of most market research firms. There are various subscription models available to suit your budget.

Can I have the raw data?

Of course! Download it right out of your dashboard.